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Dena Calkins is the owner of ShoMeOutdoors.com. She was born in Rolla, MO and has lived in Franklin County, MO her entire life. ďI absolutely love Missouri. As an outdoorswoman, I canít think of a better place to reside, than in Missouri. Thereís always something in season, we have thousand upon thousand acres of public land available to hunt, and we have some of the best fishing holes in the United States. Iím also a huge fan of Missouriís Conservation Department. In my opinion, they are a top notch agency and are doing a fabulous job.Ē

Dena, 49, has been hunting and shooting since she was in her late teens. ďIíve been fascinated with guns my entire life. When the neighborhood girls were playing Barbieís, I was sporting a holster with shiny, pearl handled, cap pistols on each hip. Just down the street where I lived in Sullivan, MO, there was an appliance store. The neighbor boy and I would drag appliance boxes up the street to a grown up vacant lot. We would both climb inside the box and cut small openings on all four sides so that we could see out. We were hunters, he and I, and the best of friends. Anytime a butterfly, bird, squirrel, or rabbit came in to view, we would carefully draw our cap pistols and stick the muzzle end through the slots we had cut in the sides of the box. Carefully and very quietly, weíd pull the hammer back, take aim, and gently squeeze the trigger. Then, weíd argue about who made the best shot. Well, there was no way that I was going to let a boy outshoot me! No way! Over the years, my love for shooting kept growing. In 2003, a very dear friend of mine introduced me to competitive shooting with traditional black powder rifles and pistols. I thought it was going to be easy, but was I ever wrong. These matches are shot at distances of 25, 35, 50, and 100 yards. All of the matches are shot at paper targets which consist of various sized round bulls and an assortment of animal silhouettes on paper. The matches are shot off hand, with open, iron sights, and Iím here to tell you, itís not an easy thing to do, to get a 40 caliber round ball to leave your rifle or pistol and hit the ten ring at those distances. Competitive shooting with black powder rifles and pistols is very challenging and thatís one of the main reasons as to why I enjoy it so much. In June of 2003, I shot in my very first National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association sanctioned event near Kansas City; the Missouri State Championship, and ended up winning second place. Also during 2003, I shot in several other NMLRA sanctioned matches, including the Georgia Territorialís and various other local club matches. In 2004, I shot in three state championships in Missouri, Tennessee, and Georgia, and ended up winning first place in all of those. Also in 2004, I shot a National record score in the Georgia Territorialís that to this day, has not been broken. Since then, my shooting has took a back seat to other things. My Dad and both of my Grandmotherís became ill, I became a Grandmother, and along with some very awesome people from this site, we started hosting events for Missouriís youth. In 2005, 2007, and 2011, without any practice sessions, I did go back and shoot in the Missouri State Championship, and actually managed to take second place all three times. Iím hoping to someday devote more time to my shooting, but as long as there are deer and turkeys to hunt, thatís what Iíll be doing. Speaking of hunting, I think that it should be mandatory that every person on this planet, either go deer hunting in the fall or turkey hunting in the spring, at least once in their life. If more people would give hunting a try, just once, Iím pretty sure theyíd be hooked forever.Ē 

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Hello, my name is Tim Shoffner, I was born and raised in the St. Louis area but I spend as much time as I possibly can on the family farm in Gasconade county. I am an avid hunter and fisherman, my greatest outdoor passions are bowhunting whitetail deer, hunting turkeys in the spring, and wildlife habitat management. Another passion is running trail cameras year round. I also enjoy hunting small game and fishing in the many rivers and lakes our fine state has to offer, as well as outdoor photography.


forum name, Angus


Shawn Gresham is a 38 year old outdoorsman from Salem Missouri. Interests include archery, whitetail hunting, turkey hunting, along with hunting for about anything else. His passion is managing and hunting whitetailed deer and has done so since the age of 6 years old with firearms and the age of 12 with archery equipment. He hunts his family farm in Dent county Missouri, as well as a piece of leased property in Knox county as well. He has the best hunting partner in the world; his son Colton. Shawn also enjoys trucks and atvs, and four wheeling.



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Bridget Ulrich is an 19 year old from Shawneetown, a small town in southeast Missouri. She has been with SMO since February of 2009. Bridget is a falconer, bowhunter, archer, fisher and avid outdoors-woman. She has a great love for the outdoors and is attending Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri to major in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation. With this degree she hopes to gain a career in a Wildlife Conservation-area field, to help conserve, preserve and restore natural and native land and wildlife. She has participated in fishing her entire life and has been a bowhunter and archer since 2006. She began her falconry apprenticeship in 2007 and has had 3 Red-Tailed Hawks she used to hunt Fox Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, Cottontail Rabbits and Swamp Rabbits. She was upgraded from her apprenticeship to general status in February of 2010. She has trapped a female American Kestrel which she plans to use for hunting House Sparrows and European Starlings in the summer of 2011. She is very honored to be serving on the SMO Staff.


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Jesse is a native Missourian, Who loves to Fish/Firearms Hunt/camp/Shoot and most anything outdoors. I'm a factory worker, have a Daughter and Son, And an awesome Extended Family here on Shomeoutdoors.com 


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Jeff Roth is a 46 year old lifelong outdoorsman from Ste. Genevieve County, MO. 

His passions are hunting deer and wild turkey with both gun and bow but also enjoys hunting small game, fur trapping, predator hunting, fur handling, fishing, raising and running beagles, farming, wine making, riding horses and managing property for wildlife habitat. Jeff considers himself truly blessed to be have been able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the years, especially with his two sons that have followed in his footsteps as outdoorsmen. His youngest son, Travis holds the current World Record for Eastern Wild Turkey, sporting 74 7/8 inches of beards and scoring a whopping 199.9 NWTF scoring system, which Jeff had the pleasure of calling in for his son that morning and sharing in the awe and excitement of a truly unbelievable once in a lifetime hunt. Now that his sons are grown, he looks forward to mentoring other youth as well as adults that are new to the outdoors and hopefully someday mentoring his own grandchildren. 

Jeff call tell you some crazy stories around the campfire about his experiences in the outdoors ranging from the morning he rolled his pickup on a back road in the Mark Twain National Forest and then proceeded to call in and kill a nice gobbler while he waited for his brother to come help him flip it back on it's wheels to the time he caught an 8 ft. 400 plus pound White Sturgeon in Oregon's Columbia River on rod and reel, with hundres of pictures and a house chocked full of taxidermy mounts to back the stories up. 

Jeff is employed in the aircraft industry, currently building F-18 Super Hornets for the U.S. Navy. 


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Kaylin Bade resides in Leslie, Missouri on her family's century farm with her husband Kevin. When her duties at the farm are finished, her favorite outdoor pastimes include tractor pulling at local fairs and festivals with her John Deere 4010 and hunting small game. The Spring of 2011 brought her first turkey season. She recently returned to college and graduated with an Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree in December 2011 and will continue for her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary English Education when she returns from maternity leave in January 2013. She enjoys playing the piano, cooking, baking, sewing, and doing embroidery. Kaylin was named the official ShoMeOutdoors.com Ambassador in 2010 and has enjoyed promoting the organization ever since.


















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