About ShoMeOutdoors and our Mission

ShoMeOutdoors was founded in 2005 by avid Missouri outdoorsman and conservationist, Jeff Walker.  From the beginning, Jeff envisioned a website where individuals with similar interests could meet, communicate, share tips and stories, and place a special emphasis on promoting the hunting, fishing, and shooting sports for future generations of Missourians. 

Because of time constraints and other obligations, Jeff sold ShoMeOutdoors.com in 2010 to it's current owner, and longtime SMO staff member, Dena Haum.  Dena and the SMO staff remain committed to continuing the original vision that Jeff started with five years ago.  Whether sponsoring or organizing youth shooting events, or hosting Kids Fishing Days at local ponds or streams, the membership and staff at SMO continue to place the utmost importance on introducing youths and newcomers to the wonderful outdoor opportunities that the great State of Missouri has to offer. 

In addition, SMO enjoys having one of the most knowledgeable membership bases on the internet with hundreds of years in combined outdoors experience and expertise.  Always friendly, always ready to help, and always ready to share, this membership is what makes SMO the premier online community that it is today, and it is the reason why SMO continues to grow at a steady rate each month. 

The owner, staff, and members of ShoMeOutdoors humbly invite you to step into the forums, register for a FREE account, and join us for the latest outdoors news and chat as we work together for Missouri's future.






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